Bachata ConeXion are the founders of Bachata Melbourne All Stars 2018 and we are proud to bring you the 2019 edition. 
When Bachata ConeXion was formed over two years ago we had a vision.
We wanted to unite the entire Bachata community and create a culture of inclusiveness, one which is progressive and inspires continuous learning. 
To us, the Bachata Social Dancer is the most important person in the community regardless of level or affiliation. We will endeavour to grow the community, collaborate and use an alternative framework and methodologies to achieve our goals. 
We felt it was essential to give Bachateros a weekend time slot to listen and dance to predominantly Bachata music and increase the feeling of connectedness - as well as a vibrant atmosphere. 
We are striving to make Melbourne one of  best Bachata cities in the Southern Hemisphere! 
Bachata ConeXion is run by the people, for the people. Check out our website for all our events!