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Angela Fayth's dance background has been both eclectic and well rounded. Falling in love with dance as a late teen in a country town and moving quickly to Melbourne to commence her full time training, which then lead her to a wonderful career to date. With training in acrobatics, jazz and tap to flamenco, samba and salsa when just looking at a few from her list. Her career not surprisingly followed suit from dancing with Eurovision's winner from Greece, a rollerblading dancer in a stage production, film clips and commercials to 11 latin dance titles in professional divisions ranging from Salsa, Cha Cha, Zouk and Bachata in Australia. Placing 2nd in the world not once but 3 times in Salsa couples, Salsa soloist and Cha Cha couples. Angela and her dance partner at the time were the first salsa couple to represent on Australia's got talent taking them all the way to the semi finals. Her hard work and determination has secured her multiple overseas contracts performing and teaching all over Asia, India, Australia and New Zealand. Angela quickly realised she had a passion not only for the stage but also for the teaching, training and coaching of students. In between all of this was one of the founding directors of one of Melbourne's most successful dance schools. Students falling in love with her quirky, informative classes and her genuine fun loving nature. Her ability to inspire and to encourage students while they take their next steps towards their goals. You can find Angela teaching at her dance school Infinity Dance Company



Dave & Terri

Dancing since the age of 4, Teri's experience includes performing,competing and teaching Brazilian Samba, Salsa, Reggaeton,Zouk,and of course Bachata. Renowned on the social dance floor for her exceptional following, Teri desires to bring the art of following back to the social dance floor.

Born and raised in Israel, David has been dancing since the age of 6 with dance experience ranging from Folk dance and Ballet to Salsa and Bachata, he is known for his unique style, David is passionate about developing confident leaders on the social dance floor.

Dancing brought David and Teri together. Since meeting on the social dance floor they have established their boutique dance school in 2015, Momenta rhythms for life. While they enjoy performing and competing, their real love lies in social dancing. So make sure you grab them for a dance!

Ernie & Giri

Ernie fell into bachata and salsa with two left feet back in 2006. Fast forward a few years, Ernie has competed in both bachata/salsa competitions in teams and couple categories, performed locally, interstate and internationally at the Big Apple Salsa Festival in NY with Melbourne Dance Hub. Now teaching with Giri for the Bachata ConeXion team, Ernie enjoys seeing people experience the art of dancing.

Giri originally from India, is a very famous face in Latin scene of India. Not even two years since she moved, has she made a strong position in Melbourne Latin world. Dancing almost all her life, she has formal training in India classical dance (odishi), Belly dance and various Latin dances which includes Salsa, Bachata, Cha-cha and Merengue. She is best known for her dancing technicalities, crazy turn patterns and body styling.

Gaspare & Renee

After arriving in Melbourne a few years ago from Italy, Gaspare brings a wealth of experience from years of training in both Bachata and Salsa. Having taught at previous dance school, Gaspare has a large focus now on specialising in Bachata Sensual. Gaspare is an instructor at Bachata ConeXion where he shares his passion and knowledge.

Hank & Andrea

Hank’s primary focus is the social dancer and being the co-founder of Bachata ConeXion he is committed to investing in the next generation of social dancers of Melbourne city (and beyond)!

With an emphasis centered on connection, body mechanics, dance mindfulness, breath control and concept based learning, Hank utilises a range of teaching pedagogies to get the best out of students. With a passion for perpetual growth, Hank will always be a student of Bachata and is always constantly searching for optimal teaching practices and learning strategies and will always represent the social dancer.

Andrea grew up in the heart of "the Salsa Capital of the World" - Cali, Columbia. From the classic heritage of her native city, she moved to Melbourne a few years ago, where she has translated her skills into the exciting modern genre of Bachata. Andrea's gifts in the craft include smooth movement with a dynamic mixture of clever footwork and seamless styling.

Hank and Andrea are regular instructors at Bachata ConeXion ‘Wednesdays’ where they bring intelligently thought-out / finely planned lessons, aimed at achieving constant improvements and growth for their students.


With over 11 years of Latin dancing, Ibra is known for his flowy style and ability to explain and break down moves.. He is also the 2019 Jack & Jill winner, and 2018 World Salsa Solo Australian champion for Bachata Freestyle and Bachata Pro-Am.


Kathleen has a background in gymnastics, jazz and modern dance. Years of pursuing asthetic sports has equipped her with flexibility, grace, and a strong sense of body-awareness. Her areas of interest include interactive following, body isolations and ladies styling. She is a guest instructor at bachata corazon.

Kiki & Julian



While on track to mastering his craft in Latin dance, specifically in bachata. Kim already had a versatile dance background such as ballet and contemporary but most significantly his knowledge and experience in hip-hop. In his young high school years Kim already developed to be a hip-hop instructor while competing against hiphop dancers and dance crews around Australia, New Zealand and parts of Asia. Now, after falling in love with a whole new dynamic of dance (Latin dance), he has fully committed himself to understanding, learning and perfecting the art of Bachata. A massive contributor to his development besides the many international and local instructors he had encountered.




For over 10 years Lukas dedicated time to various latin, African and Afro-Latin dance styles. While Lukas is known for his experience in Kizomba he originally began his dance journey with Cuban Salsa and Bachata. Lukas's experience in Bachata is diverse within it's styles, from dominican to sensual and Urban while also creating unique fusions, all while working with various partners that each deliver their own unique styles and flavours.


Manuel has been teaching bachata since 2011 and has trained and performed with several of the top Bachata dancers, both domestically and internationally. He combines his love for bachata with his unique teaching style and brings the fun into your social dancing with the focus on connection and body shaping.


Mark Jansen has been teaching bachata for The Salsa Foundation for the last five years, having experience in a variety of styles across the last 15 years. He has won multiple freestyle titles and recently came third in the Professional Bachata division at the World Salsa Solo. He has competed and instructed at a variety of events and festivals across Australia, also having trained with the best in the U.S, Europe and Asia. Mark is focussed on teaching musicality and connection, with influences from urban and traditional styles


Paula Di Pietro is the owner/operator of Hooked on Dance in Melbourne. Paula had her first Salsa class in 1999, since then trained in Los Angeles with elite teachers receiving teacher training certificates and decided to dedicate a career in dance in 2011, when she completed Certificate 4 in Dance & Fitness. Paula's diverse dance background has helped fuse her own unique style and is passionate to share her knowledge with her students. Paula has been teaching Salsa and Bachata since 2011 and continues to train herself in both Bachata and Salsa competitively. Also regularly attends festivals both nationally and internationally teaching and performing. She has recently attended Bachata Sensual week in Spain learning from the creators of Bachata Sensual and holds titles from World Salsa Solo in Pro Salsa Cabaret World Champion 2015/2016 and Victoria Bachata Champion 2017.

Phil & Nivanka

Phillip started dancing bachata around 4 years ago. He had always been a hip hop dancer but eventually decided that he wanted to try learning a different style of dance. He started attending Cuban salsa classes and that's where he discovered bachata. From this exposure, he found his passion in Dominican bachata. Phillip has recently performed and competed at the Australian Latin Dance Championships in Victoria and interstate.

Nivanka has always been drawn to Latin music and culture, and 8 years ago she found her way onto her first bachata dance class. Like for many others it was love at first step. Nivanka is passionate about the roots of bachata music and history and loves to explore more traditional styles of bachata dancing, and takes influence from artists who like to incorporate Dominican rhythms and footwork Into their bachata. Nivanka has trained with many of the excellent teachers in Melbourne and overseas in USA and Europe to evolve her unique bachata style to what it is today.

Nivanka and Phil have been dancing, teaching and performing together for close to two years and look forward to sharing their passion for traditional bachata with everyone!

Ronaldo & Zuska

Ronaldo has been dancing bachata for 3 and a half years. In 2019 he visisted Dominican Republic to experience the culture and energy, and like many of those who have travelled to this destination, he wanted to see and learn how to dance traditonal as it is done in Dominican Republic. Ronaldo has been teaching modern bachata, traditional bachata and footwork skills over the last year. Ronaldo was originally trained in Traditional Bachata with Isackson (BRA) and Florence (FRA) who are part of the Dominican Swag International Team by Samy El Magico & Carolina Rosa. Ronaldo has participated in the Brazil Bachata Festival (BBF) since the first edition in 2017, which is the biggest international congress of bachata in Brazil. He was also invited to teach at BBF this year, as well as coordinate artists like Ataca y La Alemana, Daniel y Desiree, Samy El Magico y Carolina, along with many more. In 2018, Ronaldo trained with Alex (DR) & Desiree (USA), and also completed their Bachata Instructor Certification. Ronaldo moved to Melbourne in March 2019, and is currently part of the Melbourne Salsa family.

Zuska has been dancing Bachata for 2 and a half years, and is part of the Melbourne Salsa family. She loves and dances all styles of bachata, however Traditional Bachata is her passion. She has spent time in Dominican Republic specifically to train with Samy el Magico, Nino Acosta, Rodolfo Montaño Castro, Susan de Beras along with many other local Dominican teachers.



Stanly & Rhoda

Stanly and Rhoda are a rising couple in the salsa and bachata scene. They are the current Australian bachata champions and have won runner-up amateur titles at world championships. They are known for their smooth, elegant style, and like to focus their teaching on strong technique in leading, following and connection.

Thari & Sabina


Tram & Vats

Tram’s dancing versatility is well known in the Melbourne Latin scene. Since 2008, she has trained in the most popular styles of Afro Latin dancing including salsa, bachata and kizomba. She has developed a great sense of following, groove and musicality. Her love for bachata started with the music and led her to explore grounded movements in Traditional Dominican, fusion patterns in Moderna and body awareness in Sensual. Tram has participated in dance competitions and performances around Australia, but her heart will always be on the social dance floor.

Vats started dancing in 2014 where he was pushed into the scene by people from work. Workmates lasted 3 weeks, and almost 6 years later, Vats is a well known face in the Bachata scene in Melbourne. Vats has been practicing Bachata since then and has learned from local, interstate and international artists. Vats practices Bachata Urban and Bachata Sensual. Vats teaches weekly at Bachata Conexion, has taught at Bachata Beats and Bachata Repuliq An avid social dancer, Vats shares his learnings and creations that are focused on social dancing and so all his moves and techniques that are social dancing leadable. Vats was also a part of the very first Bachata Melbourne All Stars where he taught a workshop with Tram. He’s looking forward to teaching at Bachata Melbourne All Stars this October!


Trishka specialises in bachata sensual and bachata urbana with a strong focus on connection, body movement and isolations, and musicality that will really take your social dancing to the next level. Since moving to Melbourne in 2014, she has been a regular teacher across many events, schools and performing at gigs and promo events Melbourne-wide. She has also travelled interstate and internationally to Los Angeles, San Francisco and Tokyo to train amongst some of the world’s biggest bachata sensations including Daniel y Desiree, Ataca y Alemana and our very own Carlos y Chloe.


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